Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Goldilocks Story

The Goldilocks Story The three animals that went into the house were Pa bear, ma bear and baa baa bear. What is Baa Baa bear do when the others were sitting in the chairs? Baa baa bear was sitting on the couch and watching tv. What colour were the plants outside of the cottage? The colour of the plants outside the cottage was purple. Who came crashing through the door? Big bad wolf acting like a girl that is called bo peep. Who did the lady in the blue dress want to take Baa Baa bear? So that she could eat baa baa bear. Who came and saved Baa Baa bear? The person that saved baa baa bear was goldilocks. How did Goldilocks save Baa Baa bear? She took of the wig of little bo peep and it was big bad. Why did he say he would go into the story of little red hen? So that he could take the eggs from the nest. What fairy tales are included in this story? Big bad wolf. What is a fairy tale? A fairy tale is when a story starts with once upon a time. How do you think that Goldilocks was feeling when she came into the house? Goldilocks was looking angry and she said ( not the three bears again ). What other fairy tales can you think of? Little red hen, big bad wolf and little bo peep. True or False? Statement T/F Evidence Baa Baa bear is not adopted F He’s adopted said pa bear. Baa Baa bear sat on the couch and watched tv. T He wasn’t sitting on a chair. Baa Baa bear and the other bears went to try out the beds in the house. F No because ma bear and pa bear was sitting on the chairs. The lady in blue who came in was actually Little Bo Peep. F No she was the big bad wolf of the three pigs. Goldilocks came in and saved the day. T Yes because she took the big bad wolfs wig off. The big bad wolf tricked the bears and ate Baa Baa bear. F No because goldilocks came in and showed who the real person inside her was big bad wolf.


WALT: we are learning about fiction story's.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Back to Back Writing

On a Tuesday morning today room 8 did drawing outside on the porch. So we could have something to write about for writing. And it was really sunny and a bit windy. The instructions that Miss Parrant give us was, first we had to partner up. Then she said she will give out blank paper for  Syriah and then Miss Parrant gave me a paper that had a picture on it and i have to describe it to my partner. She said to me that i have to tell my partner what to draw that was the picture. And one more instructions the person that was drawing was not allowed to look at the picture that the other person was holding. When my friend was drawing i was telling her what to do. And giving instructions to my friend Syriah so she can draw on the paper. I said there is a big triangle in the middle and two little triangle on the side  on top and two little circle in the triangle, triangle in the middle. I felt excited when we first started the game back to back. And  i hope to do it next time with my class or family. And that was the writing that i did with room 8.