Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Maker Space with mr voght

Term 1: Kuapapa Waving. 

On term 1 we did kaupapa waving and it was really fun to make kaupapa waving with mr vogt.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

kiwi karpers

introduction: On Wednesday the 22nd of November the year 5 went to the city to the aotea centre to watch a concert.

 Well i was there i saw people on the stage with different kind of instrument. I heard music from a piano,violin,woodwind family and more.

 There were acrobats that danced with hola  hops,an umbrella,and more things that they used.  The orchestra use a big drum to make a scary sound and a little drum to make a nice sound. The acrobats had to perform in front of us. the people that were playing the instruments they had to try change the sound to match the acrobat that were dancing. that's why they have many instruments to make the sound match.

 Conclusion:  My highlight of the day was the performance and the different sound of the instruments. The part that i liked about the trip was going on the bus and other things that we did.

Incy Wincy Spider Animation

Here is my animation for term 4. The year 5's at our school sang the song. This animation is for juniors to watch. I hope you enjoy it!