Friday, 21 October 2016

The Runway robot

There was a little robot and it was made by a person called mad scientist and it was a girl and she is a normal girl. The robot was running away because the girl was inventing another robot. Then the robot went out when the door was open he ran to the park.

He rolled as fast as he could to the park and he got there the he was running around on the park and playing. Then he went to this school that was called Pt England School  to help people to be kind to each other and to play friendly to other kids and to learn. The little robot was happy then he forgot about his owner then he got sad then he went for a walk. Seeing the world for its first time on the little robot travel some other school.

The robot’s owner saw him walking sad. hen the robot looked at the back then he went to his owner and was happy to see her. The little robot and his owner went back home and wouldn’t leave each other again.

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